Why Ulta Is Better Than Sephora

It is quite possibly one of the most heated debates since Dunkin vs. Starbucks. Something equally as important as coffee is makeup. Both Sephora and Ulta are leading nationwide chains where many women get their makeup regularly. Some people have a huge preference, while others say there’s no difference at all. So which one is really better?


When buying makeup, I know that one of the most important things for people is the price. One of the main perks that Ulta has over Sephora is the prices. While Sephora is known for its high end brand name makeup, Ulta has a selection of both high end and drugstore makeup. Therefore, it makes it easier for the average consumer to shop there. Ulta also has a hair salon, where you can get your hair done by a professional for a salon price.


Another difference between Sephora and Ulta is the rewards program. Although both have rewards and membership programs, Ulta in total has more perks. At Ulta, when you spend a certain amount of money, or gather a certain number of points, you can get both discounts and a free gift. At Sephora, you are only usually qualified for the free gift when you earn a certain number of points.


So it may ultimately come down to personal preference, but I feel as though Ulta might give you a better bang for your buck.