Why Maintaining Your Friendships After Beginning a Romantic Relationship Is So Important

I always seem to be guilty of this. I am extremely close with my friends, but a boyfriend comes along, and then suddenly I am MIA to my friends. I always tell myself when I start a new relationship with a boy I like that it won’t come in the way of my friends and I.

They say that relationships always happen when you least expect it and I totally agree. I never thought I would meet such an amazing, sweet, and handsome boy on the 1 train going into the city for the night with my friend. (Have to admit, I’ve never been a fan of Subways, but I am forever grateful for the 1 train ever since that night :) ).  

I honestly didn’t want a boyfriend when I first got to Manhattan. I wanted to find my “Girl Gang” and just be myself for a while. I had just gotten out of a rocky relationship, and I wasn’t sure that I was ready for a new one. After I met him, I knew I couldn’t pass him up just because I didn’t want a relationship. He was sweet, didn’t try to pull any moves at first, and he was just simply adorable. 6 months later, were still going strong and he has become my rock, and one of my best friends.

After we began dating, I noticed my friends and I had become distant. I didn’t like the feeling, and I began to make a conscious effort to spend time with them. I love being around them- they’re funny, never let me drink alone, and just fun to be around. They are the people I see myself being friends with forever.

I feel that whenever I am in a relationship, I tend to distance myself from my friends in the beginning. I have found over the last 6 months that my friends are the people I need most in my life. They are my go-to’s and when something goes wrong, they are always there to support me through it. I laugh so hard when im with them that I almost pee my pants, and just being around them makes me smile.

So, bottom line: make sure to always take care of your girl gang, and never dip out on them because you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner. They will be your friends forever, and you are all going to need each other to get through tough times, and to celebrate the happy times. It is so important to balance your time between your partner and your friends, because they are both such important parts of your life.