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Where I Buy the Best Sweatshirts for My Wardrobe

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Oversized sweatshirts are my go-to for class, relaxing at home, running errands, basically everything that doesn’t require dressing up. There is nothing better than a cozy sweatshirt with leggings, or with matching sweatpants. As soon as late September hits, when the weather gets cooler and the air gets crispier, I am living in sweatshirts. 

If you’re looking for basic, solid-colored hoodies or crewnecks, you can never go wrong with checking out Uniqlo for really great quality pieces that are worth the price. H&M also has good quality basic sweatshirts at very affordable prices compared to most stores. I always like to have some plain black and gray sweatshirts, to match with any outfit, but both of these stores have other color options to mix things up.

I love getting matching sets because I feel like it elevates the sweatshirt-sweatpants look when you’re going for a comfortable but put-together outfit. White Fox Boutique has such cute sets, with fun color options and different styles of their logo. I also love the classic GAP sweatshirts because I feel so nostalgic when I wear them. I was always rocking its zip-ups as a kid. It also has sweatpants to match, and their clothing is soft and snug.

Sweatshirts with cute logos and quotes on the back have been super trendy lately. My favorite brand personally for these kinds of sweatshirts is Lonely Ghost. It is constantly adding new designs and styles while keeping to its classic “I Love You Say It Back” sweatshirt that made its brand go viral.

Finally, you can never go wrong with a thrift shop excursion. Most of my sweatshirt collection is thrifted, and most of my favorite ones are those I found in the men’s section of my local thrift stores. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to find the perfect sweatshirts for fall and winter!

Valentina Grgin

Manhattan '25

I am a junior at Manhattan College studying English and Communication!