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What is Hang-xiety?

Waking up after a long night of drinking is hardly ever fun. Not only do you have to deal with the overwhelming  symptoms of a hangover but also going through a downward spiral of trying to put together the pieces of the previous night. This agonizing experience can be deciphered as hang-xiety.

Hang-xiety is hangover anxiety, the horrible feeling you get after drinking too much and dealing with the consequences your intoxicated self left for you. When you drink the chemicals in your brain are affected, resulting in some reckless decisions and rash behavior. Hang-xiety typically comes after excessive drinking and leads to your sober self feeling irritable and anxious over what actions you may have done that you can no longer recall. Typically the first 24 to 48 hours after drinking is when hang-xiety is at its highest , however there are ways you can decrease the effects of hang-xiety when going out drinking. For starters, always make sure to eat well throughout the day and stay hydrated as you drink. This is so the alcohol is absorbed slower and in a more healthy manner. Drinking at a steady pace and having a drinking buddy where you monitor one another through the night is also good ways to minimize anxiety after a night out. 

Although dealing with the Sunday scaries and attempting to put together your weekend is not a joyful experience, just remember that you’re only human and you deserve to have fun (as long as it’s done safely!) Everyone makes mistakes and while tripping over your own shoe Saturday night probably isn’t your most favorable night out moment, remind yourself that moments like such happen to the best of us. 

Samantha Keating

Manhattan '24

Sophomore at Manhattan College studying elementary and special education with an English concentration!
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