What To Do When You Spread Yourself Too Thin

In college, it’s easy to commit yourself to so many clubs, organizations, and friends, all of which you want to do and are interested in. The difficult part is being able to fit everything in your already hectic schedule. I know I’m guilty of this. As an on-campus student worker, a part of multiple clubs, in the sorority on campus, and a full-time student, it is easy to spread yourself too thin.  

With so many things to do, from my own personal experiences, it’s easy to get lost in all of it. Not only do you have to sacrifice “me-time,” but you can run yourself into the ground in the meantime. Lately I’ve been struggling with this. I’m exhausted from running to class, to work, to an extra credit event, to office hours, and the list goes on. Take into account homework and it feels like there’s never any time left in the day. However, how do you get past all this? While it may seem like a never ending cycle, you need to remember that even though your schedule is packed, you need to take some time for yourself. 

When you’re feeling overwhelmed because of everything you have to do, take one hour, when you have the time to sit and relax. It’s important to give you body and mind a break when you’ve been going full speed ahead all week. A break may seem impossible, but it is crucial to your sanity. If you really don’t feel like a break is at all possible, schedule one in. That way you have the time already cut out of your day for you to relax. 

Something I’ve learned is that you can’t keep saying yes to everyone who asks you to do something. When your schedule is already booked up, adding more things, like hanging out with friends or running an errand, can just make you feel more frazzled. Saying no to a request is always an option, and sometimes it needs to be exercised. Not only will it keep your schedule a little more clear, but you won’t be stressed by adding more activities when you barely have time for everything else. 

When you spread yourself too thin, the best thing to do is to remember that taking care of yourself and your sanity should be a priority. Even an hour or two a week can make you feel as if you have a better handle on everything you need to do.