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This Week’s Fabulously Famous Celeb: Alexandra Brunetti

Name: Alexandra Brunetti

Hometown: Lattingtown, New York (Long Island)

Class year: Grad School, Class of 2016

Age: 22

Major: MBA, Marketing

Instagram: @albrunetti

All Things Manhattan College:

John at Her Campus:  Can you describe Manhattan College in three words or less?

Alexandra: Irish, inspiring, and beautiful.

John at Her Campus: Why did you choose to attend Manhattan College?

Alexandra: I really wanted a campus feel while still being only 45 minutes away from the city and MC was the best fit.

John at Her Campus: How do you feel about that education you received during your four years as an undergrad student?

Alexandra: I truly believe the education I received at MC was beyond great and that the professors really care about their students.

John at Her Campus: Has any particular professor here inspired you?

Alexandra: Dr. Kern, Gail Small & Marek Fuchs (who is not at Manhattan College anymore) have all been superb professors in the Communication Department. They inspired me and will continue to inspire me in my career.

John at Her Campus: What is your favorite Manhattan College memory?

Alexandra: Springfest Alesso 2013 and studying abroad in Florence, Italy, and Madrid, Spain.

John at Her Campus: When did you decide to attend grad school?

Alexandra: I knew I wanted to further my studies and get a better and more specific understanding of the business and marketing world at the end of junior year.

John at Her Campus: What was your favorite class taken at Manhattan?

Alexandra: Contemporary Psychotherapy with Robert Rivera.

John at Her Campus: Best off campus place to eat?

Alexandra: New Riv Deli (love you Romeo & Khalid!)

On Life, the Future, etc.:

John at Her Campus: What do you see yourself doing five years from now?

Alexandra: Hopefully settled and comfortable in my career or in law school.

John at Her Campus: What is your dream job?

Alexandra: To be a marketing director at Oracle or Proctor & Gamble.

John at Her Campus:  Do you have food you literally could not live without?

Alexandra: CHEESE. The best fresh mozzarella is from a café called Moye in Florence.

John at Her Campus: If I wanted to buy you a drink in a bar, what would it be?

Alexandra: Vodka Soda with a lime… unique. (TAKE NOTE, GUYS!!!)

John at Her Campus:  What is your Netflix show of the month?

Alexandra: I’m OBSESSED with Law & Order: SVU, but recently I’ve been really into The Mindy Project on Hulu.

John at Her Campus: Have a drink with any person dead or alive… who would it be?

Alexandra: Jon Hamm or Chuck Palahniuk.

On Her All-Time Favs:

John at Her Campus: Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Alexandra: I love Delray Beach, Florida, but St. John’s is my absolute favorite.

John at Her Campus: Favorite app?

Alexandra: The Economist Espresso

John at Her Campus: Favorite store?

Alexandra: Barney’s.

John at Her Campus: Favorite movie?

Alexandra: Jerry Maguire.

John at Her Campus: Favorite celebrity, other than yourself?

Alexandra: John Martelotti, have you read his stuff?

John at Her Campus: Very funny, I am flattered.

John at Her Campus: Okay then who, other than me, is your celebrity crush?

Alexandra: Jon Hamm.

John at Her Campus: Favorite famous quotes?

Alexandra: “Don’t try to be, just be.” – John Canfield (4 a.m. at River City)

John at Her Campus: Favorite book?

Alexandra: The Beautiful & Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald

John at Her Campus: I’m curious, what’s in your bag right now?

Alexandra: Wallet, gum, keys, two water bottles, three purell bottles, two chapsticks, hand cream, sunglasses, phone charger and headphones.

John at Her Campus: Any advice to underclassmen?

Alexandra: Study abroad and go to class.

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