Want to Join Her Campus at Manhattan?

Want to be a part of Her Campus at Manhattan? Here's how you can get involved!

Her Campus is a national online blog/magazine where students can write about whatever they want! Her Campus is an independent organizaton, which means that there is no censoring of content, which leaves Her Campus in the position for students to make it whatever they want it to be! HC gives stduents a place to state their opinions, write about interesting topics, and a platform to envoke change on campus, if they feel it is needed.

Her Campus also provides the oppirtunity for photographers to showcase their photos within the articles of our talented writers! Photographers are always welcomed, as we encourage writers to personalize their images for each article to make it unique!

HC at Manhattan can be whatever the Jaspers want it to be, and that is our main goal!

We are ALWAYS welcoming new writers! If you are interested in joining, email [email protected] 

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