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The Ultimate Manhattan College Bucket List

As us seniors are about to graduate, it’s only natural that we think back to all the good times we’ve had and wonder if we lived our college lives to the fullest. And by chance if we have not, we still have a good amount of days to fit in some good ole’ fashion fun. I present to you the ultimate Manhattan College Bucket list. If you are a senior and have not done everything on this list… well you better get to it.
  1. See the sun rise on the rock in Van Cortlandt Park

  2. Day drink on the quad

  3. Go to Cannons, do a car bomb and stop at Koronets for a slice before going home

  4. Close River City 

  5. Hit every bar on Broadway

  6. Spin the wheel in Fenwicks

  7. Get a stuffed chicken from Broadway Joes

  8. Play with Pickles the cat from Jdel

  9. And get a Fat Bitch while you’re there

  10. Go to Lockes drunk and eat E V E R Y T H I N G

  11. Stay out until the sun comes up

  12. Walk down the senior walk

Alyssa is a senior at Manhattan College majoring in Communications with a concentration in Journalism. She is the Campus Correspondant of Her Campus Manhattan. She is from New Jersey but is in love with New York City. She will be interning at Z100 starting January 2015. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter, @littleamac! 
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