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Top 5 Spots to Study for Midterms

Well Jaspers, we made it! It’s officially midterms week here on campus and the library is more packed than ever! But don’t worry collegiates, I have compiled a list of the top five best, quietest and comfiest spots (other than O’Malley Library) to study on the Manhattan College campus.

1. Kelly Commons: The Kelly Commons is a great place to get in a good study session because it usually has open chairs and tables, serves pizza and has a Starbucks right on the first floor!

2. Cafe 1853: This place is my personal favorite because it is cozy, quiet and has plenty of seating so you can even invite friends to study with you. Cafe 1853 is located in Thomas Hall and even has a Starbucks so you can order coffee to help you survive studying! 

3. O’Malley Library Terrace: Although the library will be packed this week, the terrace is a perfect place for studying because it has great views, beautiful weather and available seating!

4. The Quad: The Quad is a great place to get some last minute studying done, especially on a beautiful day!

5. IN BED! Let’s all be real for a few seconds, it takes a lot of effort to leave bed, so why not study there! 

Good luck on midterms, Jaspers!

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