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Three Easy Tips to Make Bright-Colored Hair Dye Last Longer

When we leave the hair salon we always feel like a million bucks. Unfortunately, bold colors tend to wash out of hair quickly. It sucks to spend a decent amount of money to try something new only to have it wash out in a few weeks. Here are some tips to make a bright color stay forever!


1) Wash your hair less

For the girls that like to wash their hair every night – I’m sorry. By washing your hair less, you automatically increase the longevity of your bright colors. I wash my hair every four days, which seems gross, but I promise that with dry shampoo and a hat on the last day, you’ll be fine. If your hair becomes unbearably oily, obviously you should wash it.  Basically, try to only wash your hair when it is filthy. 


2) Overtone

This is a blessing from the hair-dye Gods. Overtone is a conditioner that comes in literally every shade. If you got your hair dyed yellow – they’ve got you covered. If you got it dyed purple – no problem. They even have different strengths of the color concentration such as “vibrant purple” or “pastel purple.” If you apply this conditioner every time you take a shower to your hair, it should increase the longevity quite a bit. I heard about this wonderful product when from my hairdresser when I decided to dye my hair pink, and I do not regret it. A full size of overtone conditioner is $17 dollars, but it lasts forever. I purchased mine in January, and I am still using it now in May. I apply it only on the pieces of hair that are dyed, put my hair up in the shower and let it soak in while I wash the rest of my body. You can get it here at overtone.co.


3) Shampoo sparingly

Last, when you wash your hair you want to use as little shampoo as possible, preferably on your scalp. Obviously we do need to wash our hair, and shampoo is a must. But, if your bright colors happen to be on your ends, you should concentrate your shampoo more on your scalp, and focus on conditioning the parts that are dyed (especially if they were bleached). If the color is all-over, just shampoo your scalp and condition your ends and make sure you use your Overtone!



Here’s a little example:

I got the ends of my hair dyed pink on January 20th 2016.  Here is a photo:


Here is early May 2016.  Obviously it is a bit less vibrant in general, but I have managed to prevent fading by following the steps above!



Now, go slay that bright color!


Alex is a Junior at Manhattan College studying Marketing and Psychology. She likes good movies, good music, great friends, and long walks on the beach. Enjoy ~~~
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