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By Jayda-Lynn Grullon

Manifestation is setting a plan or goal for yourself with the intention of developing it. You put your energy into this idea and speak it into existence. It begins with an optimistic mindset and believing in yourself. Trusting that your ideas are tangible will result in the alteration of your lifestyle. Using the Law of Attraction to speak your dreams into existence will turn them into reality. Sanction your thoughts with the power of manifestation because the universe is always listening and providing. 

The Law of Attraction, similarly to manifestation, was based on the concept that energy is the greatest attraction; speaking positive affirmations will circulate back positive occurrences. This philosophy consists of three practices: attracting, creating and allowing. It brings about a certain clarity for the things we aspire to accomplish. When manifesting properly, it could become one of the most important aspects of your life. Having a set of prosperous ideas, as impractical or practical as they seem, brings about a hopefulness needed in one’s life. Manifesting strays from the fear of a dream being “too” big or forcing ourselves to lower our expectations because they are deemed unreachable. With that mindset or subconscious negativity, the dream then remains a dream. Basically, we receive what we put into the world. 

Implementing this Universal Law in your life is as straightforward as it sounds. Visualize your desires and be certain that it is something you truly want. Direct all positive energies to your intentions. There should be no room for negativity or it defeats the purpose of striving for success. Pessimistic feelings are bound to peer into our minds, but the ambition required for manifestation is an aid to rid ourselves of those feelings. Some ways to embark on this passage are through journaling, creating a vision board, meditating and my personal favorite– daily affirmations. In a way, manifestation is our mental self-care. Incorporating this into your lifestyle, or even just simply trying it, could be the first step to your life smoothly progressing. Just as most people, myself included, obsess over properly caring for their skin, hair, body and so on, our mind is just as much in need of it as anything else. Cleansing our psyche of bad vibes and releasing good vibrations completely changes our perceptions and the life we live. 
Before my manifestation journey, I was intimidated by my own unrealistic dreams. Falling under a cynical mentality forced me to tuck those ideas away and stick to what I was comfortable with, leading to no progression in my life. After shooting down many intentions, I realized, how is shying away from the bigger picture any justice to me? Once I started my routine of daily affirmations and journaling, all aspects of my life exceeded my limited expectations.  Now I see that I have become more prosperous, academically successful and overall just happier with the path I am on. Your life is determined by your mindset. The shift in my attitude has brought me to where I am today… blessed by the universe.