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Summertime has always equated to summer reading for me, even long after the days of required reading for school. Each summer I look forward to downtime by indulging in a range of books by a multitude of authors. Escaping into a story with new characters going on their unique adventures is always something that brings me joy, and this summer was no exception to that. Below is a list I have compiled of my favorite books I read this summer.

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

This book wrecked me. When two men from Emma’s past re-emerge at different points wanting her heart, she must make the ultimate decision. The best friend who understands who she is in the present, and the ex-husband who loves her for the girl she once was with him. This book is heartbreaking and beautiful, picking it up for the first time will result in you being unable to put it down until the end. Also the movie adaptation is very good and this is coming from someone who strongly dislikes most adaptations of her favorite books.

Same Time Next Summer by Annabel Monaghan

A truly adorable summer read. Right from the beginning you are rooting for Sam and that she finds her true love. With a wonderful beachy vibe and a lost girl returning to her roots, Same Time Next Summer will leave you drooling over Percy and pleading to Monaghan to give Sam a happy ending.

Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

This was without a doubt the best book I have ever read. Sam McAllister’s inner dialogue perfectly portrays the mind of someone with anxiety and Pure O OCD. A beautiful story of redemption with a shocking twist that will leave you jaw-dropped and sobbing. I have nothing but positive remarks on this book. It will touch every part of your heart and soul and leave you with a long-lasting desire to turn to words in times of comfort (specifically the ones within this book).

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle

OK… maybe I loved this one because I read it while in Italy. But, the main reason was because of the beautiful Mother-Daughter connection. As a girl who has a very close relationship with her mom, One Italian Summer hit super close to home. Following the death of her mother, Katy must learn who she is on her own, without the wise guidance and opinions of her mother to steer her. As she journeys to Positano, her mother’s favorite place she always wished to return to, she learns more about the woman she is as well as the woman her mother was. 

I highly recommend any of the books on this list if you are searching for a cathartic experience in which you laugh, cry, and inevitably end up doing a combination of the two.

Samantha Keating

Manhattan '24

Junior at Manhattan College studying English & 5-year elementary and special education!