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It is so easy to give into fast fashion and shop online. However, doing so damages the environment, and also leads to a lot of waste. It is so simple, easy, and fun to find sustainable ways to shop for trendy clothes, and is also a great thing to do for the environment!

Thrifting/Second-Hand Shopping

My favorite way to sustainably shop is to thrift. Thrifting is an excellent way to find good quality clothes, shoes, and accessories for cheap! By thrifting, you can find a ton of good quality, cute clothes for less rather than purchasing clothes online for more. Thrifting is also super fun, especially when you go with friends! My favorite thrift store near Manhattan College is MyUnique. Some popular thrift stores in New York City are City Opera Thrift Shop and Buffalo Exchange. If you haven’t tried thrifting before, definitely try it out!

Online Second-Hand Shopping

If you don’t have time to thrift, or thrift stores are hard to find in your area, shopping on sites such as Depop and Poshmark are also great ways to shop sustainably. I find a lot of good Depop sellers through TikTok and other social media. Depop is a great way to shop online for used vintage and name-brand items for cheap! 

Think Before You Buy

A lot of times when we shop, especially online, it is easy to buy hauls of clothes all at once, so it is important to think about whether or not you really need the item and if it will last. Fast fashion has taken over, and oftentimes people order new clothes just to wear them a couple of times and give them away. When you shop, make sure to think about whether you will keep or use the item for a long time, if you already own similar things, and why you want it.

Shopping sustainably is so important in today’s world. Next time you go shopping with friends, instead of going to the mall, check out a thrift store. Or, when you need some retail therapy, try shopping on second-hand clothing sites. It is so worth it!

Makenzie Swift

Manhattan '26

Makenzie is a sophomore at Manhattan College, majoring in communication and journalism. Makenzie is a writer for the Manhattan College Her Campus chapter. Makenzie covers a variety of different topics such as style guides, health and wellness advice, and spirituality. Makenzie also writes and does production for the Quadrangle Student Newspaper at Manhattan, as well as production for Lotus, the fashion magazine at MC. Makenzie loves to follow fashion trends and styles, and enjoys sharing creative ideas for fashion as well as advice for mental health and overall self care.