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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Manhattan chapter.

Recently there has been a surge in violence against people of the Asian community, with vandalism towards stores and business, violent attacks on elderly Asian men and women, and mass shootings at Asian-run salons. These attacks are in large part due to the racism generalizations surrounding the Asian community and COVID-19. These generalizations come from groundless claims that were encouraged and propagated by former President Trump. 

Our society consumes so much Asian culture, from anime to Kpop to street fashion that we owe a debt to the members of this community. It is important to remember that people outside of this community have the same role to play now that we did during the height of the Black Lives Matter Movement. However, it is important to emphasize that there is no start and end date to acceptance. Instead, we should always avoid racist comments and jokes and work to create a safe equal space for all people of color living in the United States. 

Right now the best way to show support is to be understanding of your friends or coworkers, and professors who may be struggling with the recent events and to advocate for the Asian community by supporting small businesses, donating to organizations, and sharing information with others. Listed below is a list of businesses to buy from and places to donate to.  

Accounts to follow:

    @stopaapihate & @stopaapihateyc

Taken from Shirely Mak (@classifiedcloset) on Instagram

Asian owned clothing business to buy from:

New Classics, Everybody and Everyone, Street Grandma, Miramui, Orejas, Mien, Aday

Accessories which are mostly hand-made sustainable jewelry, masks, bags, etc. Some of the organizations donate their profits to anti-hate organizations. 

    Jewels & Aces, Her Paints + Planet, Joy Luck, Abacus Row, Desert Curations, Everli Jewelry, Baggu

Beauty and Wellness Businesses

    Ojook (oral care), Drifters Organics (vegan skincare), Elix (holistic and personalize menstrual wellness), Cococare (sustainable vegan skincare), Sundays Studio (cruelty free vegan nail polish), Huppy (zero waste toothpaste tablets), Meow Meow Tweet Tweet (cruelty free, zero-waste personal care products). 

Products for the Home:

Wing On Wo & Co (oldest operating store in NYC Chinatown; porcelain, rugs, and trinkets), O-m Ceramics (colorful ceramics), Things Pdx (curated vintage and second-hand pieces), Our Commonplace (fashion, accessories, sustainable lifestyle products), Blueland (non toxic cleaning products without single use plastic). 

Organizations to Support:

Heart of Dinner, Stop AAPI Hate, APPI Women Lead, Dear Asian Youth, Apex for Youth, Advancing Justice ALC

Victim Memorial Funds – gofundme

    Yong Yue Memorial Fund : one of the women killed in the mass shooting in Atlanta, organized by her son    https://www.gofundme.com/f/memorial-for-yong-yue-and-family

    Jami Webb Survivor Fund : was the only child of Xiaojie “Emily” Tan, one of the victims of the mass shooting in Atlanta. https://www.gofundme.com/f/atl-spa-shooting-family-survivor-fund-jami-webb

Hyun Jung Kim Memorial Fund : organized by one of the sons of Hyun Jung Kim, a victim of the Atlanta shooting. https://www.gofundme.com/f/in-memory-of-hyunjungkim-to-support-my-brother-i 

Ngoc Pham Fundraiser: Victim of an anti-Asian attack outside a grocery store. https://www.gofundme.com/f/ngoc-pham-fundraiser 


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