Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Go on that Retreat

You only have so long to bite the bullet

Usually, retreats are only offered once a semester in college and if you keep putting it off, you may never get the chance to go. Traditionally, you only have 8 semesters so that is 8 chances to make this decision that could shape the rest of your college career. Once you move on beyond college, you may never get the opportunity again.

It doesn’t have to be religious

Retreats may sound intimidating to someone who is juggling their faith or may have no organized religious belief, and that is okay. A retreat can be spiritual whether you want it to be or not, it is always what the individual puts in and takes out of it. Don’t let this scare you away!

Sometimes you need someone else to tell you to listen to your inner self

Going on a retreat feels like those twenty minutes before you go to sleep when you reflect on yourself, your decisions and your relationships, all while you are  relaxed in a safe space. It depends on what retreat you decide to join whether it is one that helps yourself or helps others, but it’s a time to let go of your worldly responsibilities and fully invest yourself. 

Instant Connection

Going on a retreat is a choice, so the people you’re surrounded by come with open minds and their fullest hearts to get the best experience out of it. Walking away from the two, three, four days you spend together feels like a lifetime of friendship that everyone should experience. 

Get the Inside Scoop 

Usually, retreats come with their own secrets and traditions that only those who attend the retreat can know of! This was the case for both of my retreat experiences in high school on ‘In Via’ and at Manhattan College on ‘Kairos 7.’ These secrets make the experience so much more special (and you can tease those who haven’t been on the retreat that they don’t know!).


Going on a retreat is an overall rewarding experience whether you are hesitant before attending are feel slightly uncomfortable for the first few moments, but you walk away fresh and thankful.