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Snapshot: A Nice Fall Day in Walsh Plaza

While summer starts fading away and we pack up our shorts and sandals, there’s no need to worry. The best season is upon us: fall! Manhattan College starts becoming a colorful campus as the leaves start to change colors. Trees all around campus are turned yellow and orange and some are even turning a bright, vibrant red! I snapped this shot while coming over the bridge from Thomas and noticed how vivid the contrast was between the blue sky and the gorgeous trees and buildings of our campus. The “Christmas tree” in the middle gives us a sneak peak as to what’s to come in the next few months. 

I posted this on Snapchat with the caption “my campus is gorgeous” and it really is! A picture definitely does not do it justice.

Class of 2019. Communication Major. Film Studies/Digital Media Art Minor. Maryland girl exploring NYC and writing all about it! Follow me on Instagram: @taylorbrethauer and Twitter: @itstaybytheway Stalk my photography blog here: throughtaylorsviewfinder.tumblr.com
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