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Shoes Everyone Should Have In Their Closet

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By Alicia Bartolotta 

The perfect shoe is the pinnacle of any outfit. A simple shoe change can dress up or down your look. Here I will be listing five shoes everyone should have 

  1. The Clean Sneaker – This is the shoe you wear to casual events when you still want to look nice. Perhaps a casual brunch with friends or going to an informal but important meeting with a teacher or advisor. They are well-kept and easy to clean. 
  2. The Dirty/ Trash Sneaker – The complete opposite of the previous is the trash sneaker. These are the ones you are not afraid to get dirty. You can wear them when going out, going for a walk in the park or really anything you don’t need to dress up for. Just make sure they are not too beat up to the point where you hurt your feet. 
  3. A Low Heel -​​ These are perfect for a fancy college night! No one has the strength to walk in six inch heels to a nice dinner with friends or family. Or at least I don’t! Get yourself a simple low heel so you can be comfortable and fancy.
  4. A Black Boot – I believe that these shoes go with every outfit you can think of. Of course, it depends on what style and heel you get, but really any black boot can dress up even your most casual outfit just the right amount. 
  5. Your Dorm Shoes – Certainly one of the most important shoes in a college student’s life is your choice of dorm shoes! These are the shoes you can just throw on to go get water, go to the bathroom or go to your friend’s dorm. Whether they be flip-flops, clogs or slides, these are your most comfortable shoes.

I hope you enjoyed this article and hopefully this list helped you in deciding your next shoe purchase!

Hello, my name is Alicia and I am a sophomore at Manhattan College. My interests include writing(obviously), coffee, and reality television. Hope you like my work!