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By, Julia Ciampa

Season 2 of the Kardashians show on Hulu premiered on Sept. 22, 2022. As a huge fan, I was so excited to see what the next season would bring! From the drama with Khloe and her boyfriend Tristan to Kylie’s new baby, I was so eager to watch the first episode. As a recap, the first episode released on the premiere date starts off at the height of Khloe’s issues with Tristan Thompson, her boyfriend at the time. 

As the viewers know, Tristan has been involved in A huge cheating scandal in which he impregnated another woman at the same time of Khloe’s surrogacy. This came as such a shock to everyone, as Khloe and Tristan had plans to raise their second-born child. Evidently, this only goes to show the type of person that Tristan is, as this is not his first time cheating on Khloe. Although Khloe is not physically pregnant with their child, as she has chosen to have a surrogate, this news is still heartbreaking as her child will now be born into a broken family.  

At the height of episode one, Khloe’s true feelings of hurt and regret are shining through despite her efforts to mask them. In an effort to make Khloe feel supported and comforted during such a hard time, some of her sisters, as well as her mother, gather to discuss what they can do for her. Malika, who is Khloe’s best friend, visits her house to check in with Khloe and her daughter, True Thompson. At this moment, Khloe comes forward and states that Tristan actually encouraged Khloe to implant the embryo quickly, as he did this in an effort to keep her trapped in their relationship. Keep in mind that at the same time, Tristan was also aware of his other baby’s soon arrival with the woman he cheated on Khloe with. 

That’s a whirlwind, am I right? Well, just as if it couldn’t get any more dramatic, Kris, Khloe’s mom, throws a surprise baby shower for Khloe despite the fact that Khloe did not want one. However, the shower goes well, and everyone is so joyed to celebrate Khloe’s second born, despite the unfortunate circumstances that come will the birth. The shower was also lion themed, as the baby is expected to arrive in August, thus making him a Leo. Kourtney and Travis attend the shower as well, as this is their first appearance in this season. Next, Kris forces Khloe to go baby shopping in hopes of lightening the mood. This motivates Khloe to become a little bit happier in regard to her baby’s arrival. 

Next thing we know, Khloe is preparing to leave her house and go to the hospital, as her surrogate is in labor! She gives birth to a beautiful baby, and Tristan also visits the hospital to meet his child as well.  

In the second episode, it is shot at the time of Kylie’s pregnancy, as she is due soon! She is then in labor, and Kris rushes to the hospital with her boyfriend Corey. Kylie gives birth to a beautiful baby and everyone is so happy to meet him! There is talk about what the baby’s name is on social media and in news articles, however, the baby’s name isn’t known. At first, Kylie and Travis name the baby Wolf Webster, but then after the baby is born they no longer care for that name. As far as the public eye knows, the baby has no name, as they are still figuring out what fits him best. Kylie states that she will know her child’s name when the time iis right. 

Then, the episode flashes to Kourtney as she’s planning her wedding with Travis. She seems extremely stressed, as there is so many factors that she wants to include in her beautiful destination wedding! Kourtney and Travis’s wedding will take place in a gorgeous chapel in Italy, and all family members will be present. Kourtney is so thrilled to also be able to have just her and Travis’s children in the chapel during the ceremony, as she feels that this would be perfectly intimate. I personally agree that this choice is beautiful. 

Next, we see Kim and Kendall, as they are getting ready for the Prada Milan Fashion Show in Italy! Kendall has prepped for this fashion show by dying her hair strawberry red, and self-tanning. Kendall’s new hair looks amazing, and so does her outfit! The episode concludes with the two superstars arriving in Milan, as they check into their prestigious hotel. I cannot wait to see what comes next for the Kardashian and Jenner families, as their lives only get busier and busier.