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Scorpio Season is Here!

"All eyes on you! Until November 22, the Sun is in Scorpio, highlighting your first house of self, identity and fresh starts. After a period in the cocoon, you’re making your big, splashy debut. During Scorpio birthday season, you’re the one to watch, and definitely in the maverick zone. Think long and hard about those wishes when you blow out your candles—what are you most passionate about? Build your existence around your innate fire, and you can’t go wrong. The November 11 new moon in Scorpio brings some page-turning inspiration, especially around your most personal goals. What will it be, Scorpio? Is it time to strike out on your own in business? Or shepherd a passion project to completion? This day marks your personal new year, so kick it off with focus and excitement. Intentions you set today will unfold over the next six months. Ready…set…action!"


"Sparks fly during the November 2 conjunction between alluring Venus and sexy Mars, the last of three such alignments in 2015, creating the perfect conditions for an unexpected adventure. If you’re with your love, stay open. Maybe you take a last-minute road trip, or decide to throw a joint party for your friends. You could also have a refreshingly honest conversation about taboo topics such as open relationships—even if you don't go there, you might just learn something about each other by talking about it fro a conceptual standpoint. Solo Scorpios could have amazing luck online, as the eleventh house also rules technology. If you're craving some experimentation, this might be the time to explore—no judgment. Given the fact that an app called 3nder (nicknamed "Tinder for Threesomes") just got a $500K angel investment, you should have no trouble finding, er, interesting resources. This Venus-Mars meetup could be your moment to knock something off your sexual bucket list. Just make sure you know what you're getting yourself into!"

"Now that it’s Scorpio season, the spotlight is squarely on YOU—not your coworkers, your boss, or your family (and their unsolicited input about your career). Enough ceding to others’ needs and desires—this month is all about your own projects and passions, front-burnering them so you can get ahead. And if you aren’t sure what you want to work on, it’s a perfect time to explore that topic. You don’t have to commit now, or even know the end game (as appealing as that may be). On November 11, the Scorpio full moon gives you a page-turning moment—and the courage to take a risk or advocate for your ideas. You may have a chance to speak publicly about an issue or venture close to your heart, or step into the spotlight. Is fame calling? Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, Scorpio."

"What do you want most, Scorpio—to go gluten-free? To be able to run a marathon? To revamp your identity from couch potato to Crossfit maven? Well, with the Sun in Scorpio and your first house of fresh starts until November 22, you have plenty of cosmic support to reinvent yourself in all things health and wellness. The November 11 new moon in Scorpio is a fantastic time to make some positive changes around your diet and exercise routines. Since this is your personal new year, you may also want to get formal about it, drafting some new, vitality-inducing resolutions."

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