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Safety Tips for Spring Break 2015

It’s almost that time of the year again – time to turn in your books and pack up for a much needed and well-deserved spring break! While this time of the year is always a time to celebrate and relax, you need to make sure that you are not too carefree and forget to keep yourself safe over break. Before packing a bag and heading out with all your friends, be sure keep in mind these safety tips for a fun-filled spring break you won’t regret! 

Leaving you dorm:

Before you start making plans for spring break, make sure you keep your dorm safe, as you will have to return to it when the week of fun is over. Be sure to follow all your dorm regulations set by your college or university such as defrosting your fridge, unplugging all electronics, taking out your trash, and most importantly lock up all your valuable belongings. Last thing you want is to return to your dorm with something valuable missing. Try to take as many valuables with you or store them safe away in your room. And as always, make sure to lock up your room!


Partying and Festivities:

Most college students associate spring break with alcohol, sex, and drugs. If you find yourself attending any parties during your spring break vacation, it is important that you keep yourself safe. Know your limits and stick to them: do not drink to the point where you can no longer take care of yourself, try to even give yourself a drink limit beforehand. Stick with your friends: if you are attending a party and you don’t know most of the guest list or the host, it is always good to stick with people you trust that way you can all look out for each other. Always have a buddy: do not go anywhere alone! If you have to use the bathroom or get some air always bring a friend with you so you are not put into a compromising state especially when the risks are higher when alcohol is mixed. Watch your drink: date-rape drugs are very common and easy to slip into drinks. Always make your own drinks and do not let it out of your sight. If you do leave it unattended at all, get a new one. And most importantly, always have a designated driver for the night so you and all your friends can get home safely. 



Hanging on the beach:

If you plan on hitting the beach this spring break, make sure you are prepared for the hot sun and weather. If you have been locked up in your dorm because of all the snow this year then odds are your skin will not agree with the hot sun. When you pack your beach bag this week, make sure your first item is sunscreen and bring lots of water so you can stay hydrated and cool so you don’t suffer through your day on the beach. When you do go to the beach or any other public place, be sure to not leave your items unattended. If you bring valuables along with you, make sure you hide them in your bag of beach towels and at least one person is present to keep watch. Last thing you want if for your wallet or cell phone to be stolen to end your fun beach day. 



If you’re traveling:

If you have a trip planned this year then you must pay attention to these important safety tips. Make sure to keep your cell phone on your person at all times and make sure it is charged in case of emergencies. Make sure to keep important phone numbers in your phone such as your hotel, airport, and any other emergency contacts. As a tourist, you will be easy targets for thieves so make sure you keep your money and credit cards close to you and always be aware of your surroundings. Make sure you are cautious where you use credit cards for some places may try to steal your information. Do not travel alone; try to stay in groups and practice the buddy system for your own safety. Try to study your destination before traveling there so you know what to do and what not to do. 



Most importantly, have fun! You have deserved this break from school so make the most of your time with your family and friends and make the week unforgettable but while also being safe! 

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