The Relativity of Success

Success is a word that holds a lot of weight, especially for college student who are expected to choose the most successful occupation. It’s what people strive for and a goal that should be eventually reached. You should be successful. You ought to want to be successful.


The idea of success drives our society to get the highest paying jobs and the title to match. But that got me thinking. What is success, really? Most would think that it’s having a six-figure paying job or a fancy car, but I think success is more than that. It can’t be just the job that you have or how much money you have that makes you think you are successful. So if the whole idea of success is skewed by monetary value, when you take it away can you still be considered successful?


In my own opinion, yes. I think wholeheartedly that your success isn’t directly correlated to how much money you make. It shouldn't be a measurement of what you have, but should be the feeling you have toward your accomplishments and goals. It should be the feeling of success that you have when you look back. You can be successful in life and not extravagantly wealthy. Maybe you are comfortable with a strong support system of friends and family, and that is your own idea of success.


Success is entirely relative. What may feel, and be, success for one person may be the complete opposite for someone else. This being said, you can’t base your own success on another person’s idea of it. You must create, and shape, your own idea of what success is on your own attitudes, accomplishments, goals, by yourself.