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With Halloweekend right around the corner it’s time to start prepping for the weekend long event. As the mail room begins getting hundreds of Amazon packages a day I predict many of the purchases will be the same. Here are the top 5 costumes I think we will be seeing the most of this year.

  1. Barbie (& Ken)/Oppenheimer- I think everyone knew what would be #1 on this list. With dozens of styles from the recent movie alone expect to be lots of pops of pink at your Halloween parties. On top of that I’m thinking the Barbie & Ken pairing will be a common one. I’ve also seen lots of people planning for a Barbie/Oppenheimer duo as tribute to the summer phenomenon of Barbenheimer.
  2. The Little Mermaid- Another costume from our childhood I predict will be big this year. I’m prepared to see lots of seashells and purple bikini tops out and about on land.
  3. Olivia Rodrigo- With the recent success of GUTS I don’t know who wouldn’t want to dress up as miss Olivia for a night. With so many new looks from her multiple music videos and performances as well as her iconic looks from SOUR, I’m sure we’ll see many Olivia’s IRL giving permission to give into bad ideas for a night. 
  4. Taylor Swift Eras- With looks spanning decades and new ones emerging daily this Halloween is a win for the Swifties. You may even see every Era of Taylor out and about. (Bonus points if it’s a couples costume with Travis Kelce).
  5. Oppenheimer- I’m predicting the boys will eat this one up this halloweekend. Since most of the components are already in their closets and most people love a convenient costume I’m sure we’ll see a ton.

It is important to note that all of these costumes will be popular for a reason! There is so much variety in all of them and so many fun ways to get creative with them that I personally can’t wait to see this Halloween!

Samantha Keating

Manhattan '24

Junior at Manhattan College studying English & 5-year elementary and special education!