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Halloween is right around the corner, and every year it’s a rush to try to get the best costume ideas. I always find that I start looking months ahead, only to pick my costume at the last minute. 

Charlie’s Angels

Charlie’s Angels is always a cute costume idea for a trio. Just wear all black with black boots, and you have the look down!


Ever since the new Barbie movie came out, Barbie has been everywhere. The iconic pink top and bottom set with a cowgirl hat is such a cute idea for Halloween. If you have a boyfriend, he could be Ken. Or, a group of girls can be all the different Barbies. 

Greek Goddess

For a more feminine, aesthetic costume, a greek goddess is always a great idea. Wearing a white dress or white wrap top and a white skirt with gold jewelry would make this costume perfect. 

Princess and the Pauper

For a best friend duo, the Princess and the Pauper is a great idea. Just wear matching corsets in pink and blue, a skirt, and heels and you will have people enchanted the whole night long. 

Bugs Bunny and Layla

One of my favorite costume ideas is Bugs Bunny and Layla. This costume idea is wholesome and cute and is perfect for any couple. Matching jerseys and bunny ears could make this simple yet adorable couple’s costume work. 

To find inspo on how to make these looks work, Pinterest and TikTok are great places to find ideas. Happy Halloween!

Makenzie Swift

Manhattan '26

Makenzie is a sophomore at Manhattan College, majoring in communication and journalism. Makenzie is a writer for the Manhattan College Her Campus chapter. Makenzie covers a variety of different topics such as style guides, health and wellness advice, and spirituality. Makenzie also writes and does production for the Quadrangle Student Newspaper at Manhattan, as well as production for Lotus, the fashion magazine at MC. Makenzie loves to follow fashion trends and styles, and enjoys sharing creative ideas for fashion as well as advice for mental health and overall self care.