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The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to BreastCancer.org, about 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer in her life. Also, for women in the United States, breast cancer death rates are higher than those of any other cancer, besides lung cancer (breastcancer.org). Through these eye-opening statistics, one can see the importance of acknowledging and donating to breast cancer awareness month. As a population, we need to help the women suffering from breast cancer, whether it be emotionally or financially. We also have a duty to inform women about breast cancer signs, prevention, and early detection. Some ways that you can get involved and contribute this month are through…

Participating in fundraisers, 5k, or events

During the month of October, there are various types of fundraising events, dinners, walks, or 5k runs that take place to raise money or awareness for Breast Cancer. Finding out about local events is a great way to contribute and take part this month. 

Posting on social media 

Although this may seem trivial, through posting fundraising pages, support, or prevention images, others will see and take part as well. This butterfly effect can encourage your friends and family to donate money or repost an image. Through prevention and detection pictures, women can learn about ways to give themselves monthly breast exams, which will hopefully lead to an increase in early detection and high mortality rates in women with breast cancer. 

Donating to various organizations

By donating any amount of money to prevention centers, breast cancer awareness organizations, or nonprofits that financially help those undergoing treatments, you are indirectly saving and helping other women. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is very personal to me, as I’m sure many people have friends or family members impacted by breast cancer. We are all in this battle against cancer together and the month of October provides a perfect opportunity to get involved in the community and donate money.


Kaitlyn Hennig

Manhattan '23

I am in my sophomore year as a psychology major at Manhattan College.
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