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Harry Styles performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards
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My Harry Styles Love on Tour Experience

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By Mackenzie Boyce

Two years ago I bought tickets to see Harry Styles perform live at Madison Square Garden, and on Oct. 3 I finally attended Love on Tour. When the pandemic hit, I lost all hope of ever seeing Styles in concert. After multiple date changes and Covid restrictions, it felt like a cancellation was just waiting to happen. However, his tour began in September, and there I was at his first of five performances at MSG. It was a night full of tears, sweat, and voice loss, but it’s one I’ll never forget for so many reasons.

Can we start by talking about fashion? Styles’ concerts put the Met Gala to shame. With his bold and well-loved taste in clothing, I knew the show would be an event to dress up for, but I was unprepared for the showy outfits on every member of the audience. The 70s made a comeback that night, with bright colors, gogo boots, flare pants and sequins everywhere! Can we please normalize dressing like it’s a Harry Styles concert every day? 

It wasn’t just the audience, however. Every person on stage that night was dressed to the nines. Jenny Lewis was the opening act, and she walked on stage in a full sequin jumpsuit., which I can only describe as iconic. I wasn’t well-versed in her music and was surprised by how much I enjoyed her set. She was giving me major Dolly Parton vibes, and she was such a talented performer.

Now the moment we’ve been waiting for, Harry himself. I think we can all agree that the black feather suit was one of the best tour looks so far. From the moment he came onstage to the end of the night, he filled the room with excitement. Aside from his angelic voice, which sounds just as amazing live as it does in the studio albums, that man knows how to entertain. One reason why Styles’ concerts are different from so many others is that he doesn’t just sing, he performs. His dancing filled the room with such amazing energy, making it impossible to stay in your seat. I don’t want to spoil the setlist for anyone who hasn’t gone yet, but I can say there’s the perfect blend of moments for dancing, and songs that will make you hug the person next to you while crying.

Being in the lower bowl, I was worried my experience wouldn’t be as worthwhile as someone who had general admission tickets. Fortunately, Styles knows how to work the entire crowd, and makes it so every experience is special. Whether you’re in the pit or the back of the arena, Love on Tour is unforgettable. Being in the same room as someone who you idolize, and whose music has helped you through tough times, is a surreal feeling. It was so amazing that I couldn’t resist buying tickets to two more shows at MSG. The two-year wait was certainly worth it!

Mackenzie Boyce

Manhattan '24

Sophomore childhood education major at Manhattan College with English and French concentrations.
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