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My Favorite Small Businesses

One of my 2021 resolutions was to be able to shop small and support small businesses. Since the Pandemic hit, it is difficult for small businesses to stay in business. Etsy is one of my favorite places to browse when looking for something small to buy. Most of these shops can be found on Etsy, so I’ve compiled a list of just a few of my favorite small businesses that are great for gifts or just everyday items!

Joyful Tidings Bridal Boutique

Joyful Tidings Bridal Boutique is the best for getting personalized gifts! I love personalizing my things and gifts that I give to other people for a special touch. Earlier in the year, I got my friend a matching set of silk pajamas with her initials embroidered onto it. They ship really fast and have great customer service!


WoodLifePrints is another small business that is great for gift giving. My personal favorite is the star map of a specific day. They print the sky of whatever date and location you want on a piece of wood that you can hang up. It’s super cute and really thoughtful.


PersonalizedMemento, If you’re anything like me, you love a good charcuterie board. One of the things that makes a charcuterie board so special is the board that it’s served on. For my parent’s anniversary, my brother and I got our parents an engraved charcuterie board. This small business was extremely accommodating and sent us multiple designs before we chose the one for them to engrave. It’s also great to get for just yourself if you’re like me and like to snack on cheese.

Get Best Sellers

Get Best Sellers is one of my favorite Etsy shops! They have a great selection of self-defense keychains. As a girl, it makes me feel safe knowing that I have the right tools on me to protect myself and to keep myself safe at all times but especially when I am alone. They are cute, trendy, and affordable!


McLaserpro has high-quality stainless steel jewelry that you can customize! One of their top sellers is a silver nameplate necklace that you can customize to say anything! I only buy jewelry that is a real metal that I know won’t turn green or get gross in a few weeks. This shop offers that for an affordable price!

Make sure to check out and support some of my favorite small businesses!

Bridget Turro

Manhattan '23

Bridget is a sophomore at Manhattan College. She is majoring in political science and minoring in woman and gender studies. She loves animals, traveling and exploring NYC.
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