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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Manhattan chapter.

By Angelica Niedermeyer

When moving into a college dorm or an apartment, plain walls and empty spaces can be hard to get inspiration from while decorating. However, with a couple statement pieces, it can change the whole look and feel.

In The Right Light

Lighting makes all the difference. From dainty fairy string lights and Edison bulb lights to night lights and lava lamps, lighting brightens the space and makes it more homey. Here are some examples of cool lights to add.

Through The Looking Glass

Mirrors can open up a small room, so adding a few won’t hurt to reflect the light and the rest of the room, making it look bigger. Mounting a body size mirror is perfect for ‘fit checks and selfies, while vanity mirrors are a must for getting ready. Even placing an accent mirror in a fun shape or design can be just what the room needs. 

Art Adds Personality

Nothing is sadder than a blank wall. Adding your favorite band’s posters, drawings, and paintings, can help your personality come through. Another idea can be to have a paint and sip night to then make your own art! Paint and sips can be hosted at home or be done at a venue. Red Bubble is also a great website for fun and vibey posters.

Go Outside To Come Inside

Plants bring in the natural color and feelings of being outside. A touch of greenery is not only aesthetically pleasing, but plants release oxygen and love to take in carbon dioxide. Talking to and taking care of plants can be super beneficial to the plants and to the plant caretaker. Another option is to buy fake plants or ivy like this. Here are some plants that are perfect for a new dorm or apartment.

  • Ferns
  • Cactus’
  • Succulents
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