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Must-Have Items for Your Spring Wardrobe

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Manhattan chapter.

By Makenzie Swift

As the seasons change and the weather gets warmer, a new wardrobe is in order! New fashion trends are arising as we swing into the spring season. Here are some new must-have items for your spring wardrobe.

Shirt and Skirt Sets: Everyone loves a good shirt and skirt set, it’s so simple and easy to tie together with a few accessories. This can work with a long sleeve top and short skirt, short sleeve top and long skirt or a mixture of both! I especially love a top with long flowy sleeves and a matching sarong style skirt together for the perfect elegant vibe. Paired with some boots and jewelry, this is a really easy and cute look to achieve. 

Loose Knitted Tops, Bottoms or Dresses: I’ve noticed a trend in long sleeve knitted tops for layering, however this spring I think a knitted tank top, skirt or dress would be the perfect thing to complete a look. I’ve also seen a variation in the type of knitting, such as glittery knit tops, or beaded knit tops on Pinterest. This would be perfect for a beach day, or even a day out with friends! These pieces are also easy to use for layering in case it’s a bit chillier than usual. 

Lacework Top: The coquette aesthetic has taken a hold on fashion trends all over Tik Tok, and I see a simple, elegant lacework top as a must-have! Easily paired with jeans or denim shorts, these tops are a soft approach to a coquette or cottage-core style. When paired with shorts and sandals, this top can be a casual, beachy look. Or, you can wear it with sneakers, jeans and some jewelry to transform it into a more elegant look. This is definitely a staple top that can be altered for many different occasions and weather. 

Cowgirl Boots: Yeehaw! Cowgirl boots are spunky, adorable shoes that can upgrade any look and go with almost any outfit. Paired with long pants and a clean top, they can be used in a formal look. Or, for a cute and casual style, a pair of black cowgirl boots with a knitted white skirt and shirt set could be perfect for a day out in the city. They can also be used as a statement piece when paired with shorts and a cute top for a quick and easy look! 

Entering a new season is always a great time to experiment and try new looks, which is why all of these fashion trends are excellent ways to change or simply upgrade your spring wardrobe! 

Makenzie Swift

Manhattan '26

Makenzie is a sophomore at Manhattan College, majoring in communication and journalism. Makenzie is a writer for the Manhattan College Her Campus chapter. Makenzie covers a variety of different topics such as style guides, health and wellness advice, and spirituality. Makenzie also writes and does production for the Quadrangle Student Newspaper at Manhattan, as well as production for Lotus, the fashion magazine at MC. Makenzie loves to follow fashion trends and styles, and enjoys sharing creative ideas for fashion as well as advice for mental health and overall self care.