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Midterms as Told by ‘Parks and Rec’

Midterm Week, as told by 'Parks and Rec'


Spending all night in the library

Because you have a different paper due everyday

And eventually you write so much your brain forgets how to function

The feeling of having multiple tests in one day

And you walk out of those tests like

When people try to calm you down

And your parents call to ask how you're doing

So you have to rely on your roommate(s) for emotional support

That point where you begin to contemplate your major/your entire life

And you don't know what to do

Because everybody has that one class you don't have any notes for because you skipped it one too many times

And the "easy" class you thought you didn't need to study for

And don't even get me started with oral exams

Then there's the five minutes of cramming before the test actually starts

But you somehow manage to pass

And you decide you need a reward

When you need to let loose after a stressful week

Because in the end we know our grades will be fine

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Tori James


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