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Major: Accounting (after she’s changed it three times, she says laughing). 


Favorite Fruit: Grapes! Or raspberries. Very delicious raspberries. 


Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria; West Coast of Africa. Bronx, NY is my fourth location in the past five years. I moved away from Lagos three years ago, and I moved to Chicago. I thought I was going to stay but I only stayed for a month with my brothers. And then, we had this weird family meeting where I decided to move with my sister. So, I moved from Chicago to Portland alone, and then I stayed with my sister, and then I moved to New York for school about seven months ago. Time flies, but, I’ve been here for seven months. Who knows where I will be next? Maybe Europe, @ God. 


Favorite Artist/ Musical Band: As of right now, I have to pick two- Khalid and Cage the Elephant. I listen to music so much, it literally changes by the week or the month. But, those are the vibes of the season. And JUNGLE. 

Hobbies: Sewing, painting, taking pictures, watching series…reading books! All the books.. taking walks, nature, camping. 


What do you miss about Nigeria?

The heat, the people, the jokes, the food, the family…. in no particular order @ mom. 


Why does your major interest you? 

I love math and I don’t want a future without math. So, accounting felt like the one where I could still own a business and be in the works and use my mind in that way. I really do enjoy math and problem-solving and I think accounting does that for me, so thats why I picked it.


I know that you are one of the designers for Manhattan College’s fashion show this Spring. What made you want to take a part in this?

I love fashion and I don’t think I have ever been given this opportunity where everyone is trying to help me get to where I want to be in that way in an academic setting. Like I literally have a sewing machine in front of me and it would have been insane for me not to jump on this opportunity. It was right in my face and this is what I want to do in the future…make clothes and I can practice now. So, I had to. I felt like I had to. 


What made you start photography as a hobby?

It’s actually funny. When I was younger I told my brother I wanted to be a photographer and he told me I will grow out of it. He said: ‘Most people want to do it, but end up changing their minds.’ But I never stopped taking pictures and when I went to Portland, I was just surrounded by so many gifted people. They would take things and create things that were aesthetically pleasing. There is more to life, you know? And I do enjoy being behind the camera because once you are behind the camera people give you this leeway, there is no pressure to be anything. It’s just you are the camera. You become that thing. I think that being the piece to capture the moment, you can step back and see what you have. Like, I have photographic memory. I see things and I remember the place and the time and the music and what we were talking about. So music for me is a picture book and so I can go back and say that’s what we were doing and that’s how I felt. I love.. and it’s really strange because I am do accounting.. but I love fluidity and the fluidity of being a photographer because you decide on what you capture. I heard this thing that whenever you see a portrait taken, you see it as the photographer sees the person. I saw this video where they photographed the same guy but he look different in every single portrait they took of him because they captured him as they saw him. I think as a photographer, if I can call myself that, I have a perspective and I use that to take my pictures. It’s just a fun thing and it never ends.

Thank you Lola! All photos in this article have been taken by Lola. If you want to see more follow her Instagram @jumperrrrrrrr


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