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If you’re a resident on campus, it’s very likely that you know Dougie-Fresh. Yup, he’s that 6’4″ RA, often spotted greeting everyone he encounters, lifting at the gym, sporting a cowboy hat at school events, or hosting a line-dancing program on the 9th floor of Horan (btw, keep your eye out for another line-dancing event after Spring Break!) Other than being an RA, there are oodles of achievements on his resume. He’s President of Silver Wings, majors in Chemical Engineering, and is starting a full-time job in July. What can’t this boy do?!

HC: Why did you choose Manhattan College?

Doug: I chose MC because I loved the feel of the campus. MC is also close to my home and it’s location provides the opportunity to go into NYC. 

HC: Chemical engineering, huh? 

Doug: I heard it was challenging and wanted to prove to myself I could do it. Turns out, I actually really enjoy it. Problem solving is the biggest skill I’ve taken away from it. Plus, the senior ChemE class of 30 has grown really close over the 4 years.

HC: What do you think makes you stand out from everyone else?

Doug: My height.

HC: HA! Ladies, he’s got quite the humor, as you can tell… 

HC: Well, tell us about some of your interests and hobbies. 

Doug: I love country music, as all of you may know. I also enjoy being outdoors, watching King of Queens, and playing tennis. 

HC: Graduation isn’t that far away, how exciting! What are your plans after this?

Doug: I was lucky enough to get my dream job at ExxonMobil in Houston, Texas. My dream has always been to live down south. I start July 2015. 

Vanessa Sanchez is a Sophomore at Manhattan College, majoring in I/O Psychology, with a minor in Management. Devoted to helping and making others smile, she dreams of one day moving to the Upper East Side and working in the fashion industry. Aside from her passion for fashion, she is a Gossip Girl fanatic, avid food lover, Barça fan, and travel enthusiast. Follow her on Instagram: @vansanch
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