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Kiss Me I’m (pretending to be) Irish!

St. Patricks Day is an awesome day to celebrate friends, family, food, fun and good old St. Patrick. But even more important than the massive amount of Irish soda bread and corned beef that you’re going to eat is looking good while tossing back a few at the pub or walking in a parade! Heres an awesome, comfy, simple and cheap outfit for your March 17th!

The outfit is super simple; Leggings, a loose black shirt, and a super comfy flannel from H&M! Find one here

Pair it with a simple gold necklace! Mine is from Forever21 ($5.00)

Rock your favorite sneakers, prime for parade roots and bar crawls!

Add a watch to class it up a bit.

And never forget your shades. Thanks, Her Campus!

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Abby Welte


Manhattan College student majoring in Communication and an Intern for the New Jersey Devils. I'm not legally allowed to play board games in at least 9 states, enjoy long walks on a short pier, trying anything with frosting on it and yelling at my TV when hockey is on.
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