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Key Must-Haves for Spring 2014

Finally some warmer weather has approached! If you’re like me, you’re so ready for spring your new spring clothes are just itching to be let out of the closet, but unfortunately it seems as if winter has prolonged itself. With the end of the semester just around the corner, here are the top trends to live by for this spring. If you haven’t done your spring shopping yet, consider grabbing a key piece from each category to heat up your wardrobe! 

Florals – Could we get any more girly this spring than with the floral print trend? Nope, didn’t think so! Floral prints are perfect for any occasion this spring. Pair floral prints with a soft, face framing up-do and gold accessories and you’re reading for a romantic night out. Pair floral with cute sandals and jeans to look put together for class. 

Metallics – Metallics can come close to the line of trashy if not worn correctly, so pay attention! Accessorizing an outfit with metallic accessories is the perfect way to spring into this trend, while not overdoing it or looking futuristic. A metallic clutch or metallic sandals will bring your outfit from winter to spring. 

Pastels – Feminine hues of the warmest colors are bound to freshen up any winter wardrobe. Nothing says spring is approaching like Easter egg colors, am I right? Pastels help bring out the soft side of any wardrobe and let’s admit it, we’re all fans of black here in NYC. Put some of your black clothes on hold and just try the pastels trend for a fresh look. 

High contrast – Who doesn’t love good old black and white together? The best pair in history, black and white pieces are bound to make a statement wherever you go this spring. Wear with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses for a glamorous look on campus. 

Block heels – I think everyone can say… FINALLY! Sick of walking around in ankle-breaking stilettos? No matter how cute your outfit is, people will always notice how uncomfortable you look in your shoes. Keep your stilettos, but add a pair of sandals that have a thick, block heel to your wardrobe. Pair block heels with cropped jeans or a flowing skirt to dress up your outfit and walk down the subway without tripping on the stairs. 

Tribal prints – Bright tribal prints are always fun and can finally make an appearance again this spring. Relaxed and casual, tribal prints can add attitude to any outfit. While it’s still cold out, pair tribals with fun combat boots and jeans.

Fringe – Sick of how spring brings SO many girly trends? Try adding some fringe to your wardrobe to give your look a bit of an edge this season. For a truly edgy look, rock the fringe trend with a leather jacket or leather leggings.

Full Skirt – Unlike a mini skirt, a full skirt can bear the chillier days with some tights and booties. Once the weather gets nice, don’t be afraid to pair it with a crop top since you won’t be showing too much skin in a longer length skirt. The full skirt is also class appropriate with a knit sweater and some cute accessories.

Crop tops – I know what you’re thinking. Blahhh can we do away with the crop top yet? The crop top is an undeniably flirty and girly trend that can actually be quite flattering if paired with the correct bottom. Go for something on the bottom that’s high waisted and has a lot of coverage. Haven’t you worked out too much this winter to still be wearing sweaters? 


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