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By Samantha Keating

Britney Spears made great legal strides last Thursday in her conservatorship battle with father, Jamie Spears. 

Jamie Spears has been the legal conservator for Britney for the past 13 years. He has repeatedly abused his rights as conservator and put his daughter through mental and physical turmoil. Some of the horrible and abusive actions toward Britney during these years include forcing Britney to perform when feeling unwell, making her have an IUD implanted, restricting her from seeing her children and taking control of and misusing Ms. Spears finances. 

A Los Angeles judge finally suspended Jamie as conservator after substantial evidence was provided that he was unfit to be in charge of Britney’s $60 million dollar estate. While someone new is set to be appointed to look over Britney’s finances, it is still a huge win for the #FreeBritney movement. Britney is still fighting for full freedom along with her dedicated fan base. There will be a court date on November 12th to discuss whether or not the conservatorship can be rid of all together as well as an additional court date set for December 13th to clear up other matters within the case.

Dedicated Britney fans gathered outside the courthouse and all around the world to show their ongoing support for the singer. Fans around the world are united with their love for Britney and desire to keep fighting until she is finally, fully #FreedBritney.

Samantha Keating

Manhattan '24

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