The Importance of Studying What You Love

The one divine concept that has motivated me throughout my semesters in college is passion. Studying what you love is vitally important because it allows one to stay driven. 

I have found it nearly impossible to study for tests in subjects that don’t pose any interest to me, or the career path I want to choose. Personally, I have always found interest in subjects like anatomy, and other sciences. Because I want to become an occupational therapist, I am taking courses in those fields and doing well. I definitely chalk my success up to my passion and its strength to inspire me. This is because even when I am struggling with these subjects, my passion enables me to hold on and keep going. 

On the other hand, math has never been a passion of mine or a strength. When I would have to take math classes, I always found myself struggling because I would never be motivated to study a subject that did not interest me at all. Additionally, I have found this to be true for many others. Whether one’s interest is science, math, or English, it is always vital to study what one loves. 

Passion is a huge factor in achieving success. One’s passion has the capability to take them to the next level. Doing what you love truly allows for that inspiration one needs to prosper. After all, studying to become a profession that you love makes those long hours in the library truly worth it.