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I Tested Out Eyelash Extensions.. And I’m Here To Fill You In

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Manhattan chapter.

My experience with eyelash extensions was pretty short-lived. I had them for about 8 months until I decided that it was no longer for me. I compiled a list of pros and cons to getting them.


The first thing is that they are expensive. Your first set can cost over $100 and then having to get refills about every three weeks which is around $60. If you have the money I say go for it and try it out, otherwise it can get very expensive and add up quickly.

The second thing is that they can get dirty. After a week or so it starts collecting little dust particles making it very annoying and tedious to clean. This is not only annoying but can be dangerous if you don’t take proper care of it. Taking proper care of it includes brushing it out with a lash wand every day.

The third thing is the application process. If you get a full set it can be up to 2 ½ hours of sitting. You can’t get up or open your eyes because then the glue will get in your eye.

The final thing is what it will do to your natural lash. Over time, the glue will make your natural lashes fall out and can take up to two years to grow back.  


The first pro is that it makes you look like you have on a full eye look at all times. I found it easier to get up in the morning knowing that I looked 

The second thing is that they can look real. If you do a full natural set they can look really natural, instead of just your average strip lash, they make your eyes pop.


This is my personal experience with extensions. All of our experiences will not be the same, and everyone is different! Good luck, ladies! XO



Bridget Turro

Manhattan '23

Bridget is a sophomore at Manhattan College. She is majoring in political science and minoring in woman and gender studies. She loves animals, traveling and exploring NYC.
Michaela is a Childhood Education Major with Concentrations in Math and Spanish at Manhattan College. She will be continuing her studies in the Masters program at Manhattan, and earn a Masters Degree in Special Education. She was a member of Her Campus at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA and is now the Campus Correspondent and Senior Editor at Manhattan! She is beyond excited to be a Jasper and that she found her home at MC!