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I Downloaded Linkedin– Now what?

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Manhattan chapter.

So, everyone is talking about who viewed their profile on Linkedin and you still don’t have a page. All your teachers say to connect with people in your field of interest, but where do you start?

What is Linkedin?

Linkedin is a public digital version of an extension of your resume. The screen page holds a picture that defines you with your best skills as a person and the job you are applying for. Today, Linkedin is one of the best ways to network online with people you see yourself working with and for job recruiters to see who are beyond your resume. 

Where to start?

So to break it down, you want to include a summary under your profile that encompasses who you are as a student and what you have accomplished. By using descriptive adjectives and catchy verbs this section can hook the viewer, especially if those same words match a job description or application. 

It is important to add your education on your Linkedin, in addition to your job experience, so that other college students and professors know who you are and can connect with you. 

Once you have your profile, you can then start to follow different companies that you are interested in and reach out to connect with people from your school with the same major or career fields. But, connections do not need to be limited to your major because the more connections, the better. 

Don’t underestimate the value of a connection and the importance of liking and resharing people’s posts. When you repost something, everyone who is connected with that person will also see your repost. So, connect and follow with who you see yourself with, and keep an eye out for the jobs section for internships and opportunities. 

What if I have no experience?

If you are just starting applying to internships and do not have a lot to show for yourself, do not fear! There is nothing wrong with displaying your school accomplishments from different after-school part-time jobs, clubs, organizations, Greek life and even volunteer hours. 

You want to showcase anything you have done up to this point, list a few tasks you do in that role, and the skills you learned. You can also link your resume, articles, licenses or certifications and websites that would help your case. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative. 

You can be professional online and still present yourself in a way that your personality is shown through. Choose a background picture that fits your vibe and the theme of your personal brand. 

For more help check out someone’s profile on Linkedin who you idolize in the work field for inspiration, or even ask someone from Manhattan College’s Career Resource Center for guidance. Also, Linkedin has so many tips and videos that are helpful from creating your profile to resume and interview tips. Happy connecting!

Angelica is so excited to be the leader of this chapter as Campus Correspondent at Her Campus at Manhattan! Originally from the Jersey Shore, Angelica is a senior at Manhattan College studying communication with a concentration in journalism and a minor in French. Angelica is also Features Editor of the campus newspaper The Quadrangle, Fashion and Beauty Editor of Lotus Magazine, and Secretary of Alpha Pi Phi Sorority. She currently interns at The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in the Brand and Customer Partnerships Department. You can hear Angelica hosting Soundtrack Sunshine, as she DJ’s for Manhattan College’s radio station WRCM. When she finds the time to breathe she likes to go for walks in Van Cortland Park, hang out at An Beal with friends, and watch her roomates dance at the basketball games. Angelica loves to write about anything from her deepest darkest feelings, trendiest clothes on sale, and hot button topics. She loves to share her experiences with all of you and hopes readers can take something from her insight. She encourages anyone with a story to tell to join Her Campus and take a chance on the best girl group in college! Happy reading :)