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Humans of Manhattan College

Credit must be given to Brandon Stanton and his amazing idea: Humans of New York.

Photography credit to yours truly.

All quotes are from short interviews/talks with each student.


Morgan Jacksland. 1st Semester Senior, Communications/PR with Sociology minor. Executive Assistant at a fashion design & branding firm in Lower Manhattan.

“I didn’t join anything, I didn’t do anything. I dated the star basketball player, so I did that. I think I jammed college into one semester then I said “okay I’m bored”. Sleeping in until 11AM then going to class and coming back to watch Netflix in my bed is boring, and I have no money. So what the heck am I going to do? I don’t want to work at Rite-Aid or Broadway Joes. Now what? I got an internship, got a job. That’s it then I never turned back.”


Ian Ferrara. 5th year, Physics. Delta Kappa Epsilon-Phi Mu Chapter Founder.

“Most people don’t know what they want to do in college until they get there, but now I know [that] I want to teach physics… and inspire someone to do something great. That’s what DKE is about…To make Manhattan College a better place [because] I think there is so much potential here”


Katie Jeffries. Sophomore, English with Japanese minor.

“Initially, I wanted to do publishing because I worked for an erotica publisher. I was shadow editing a lot of really kinky books. It made me feel like it was okay to express yourself through reading or even writing. Knowing that there are a whole bunch of kinky people out there too, there’s no shame in being interested in this kind of thing. I’m moving away from that though because I want to do other things because in college you need to try everything. You don’t want to get stuck in something because at one point it will be too late… I’m going to Japan next year. Maybe I’ll like it there, and live there. Who knows where the wind takes me.”


Kevin Barraza. Junior, Civil Engineering. ASCE, NYWEA.

“I’ve always liked the water because I’m from Long Island… So with Environmental [engineering] you can do anything with water… Especially [in] New York City since it is such a big water based city. New York water is famous everywhere… [If I were to give advice to a large group of people,] I would say what my mom says: Always be respectful of each other. Just treat everyone how you want to be treated, I never try to treat anybody badly.”

Tasia Adamakos. Sophomore, Communications/Journalism. Writer for HerCampus Manhattan.

“My dream job would be to be a food writer. I want to live in the city. I’ve always liked writing. When I was younger I wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw minus the promiscuity. [Tinder] is too much to keep up with. There’s always teasing about “Oh, how did you meet your husband?” “On Tinder”. Like what?!…If I were to give advice to a large group of people, I would say: Do the thing that most scares you. If your work is too safe, do something dangerous.”


Christopher Chisolm, Your Favorite Kelly Commons’ Starbucks Barista.

“I love working here. I’ve met people from all walks of life. I love meeting new people and finding out where they’re from. Everything from their religion to politics, everything. I’m from Virginia, so growing up I would visit family up here. I loved the city. So when I was 27, I made the move [to New York] and I haven’t regretted it since.”


Fuerza Latina

From left: Jessica Mo, Biochemistry. Vice President of Event Planning.

Ivan Bohorquez. Junior, International Studies. Founder & President.

Daniela Heras. Junior, Psychology. Vice President of Communications.

Aleysha Taveras. Junior, Secondary Education/History. Vice President.

“I felt like an organization like this would provide support for students… who just needed a place to call home, and I think Fuerza is doing a really good job. [It’s] fostering that environment and being a beacon for students who want to look for diverse programming.”


“I don’t want people to say everyone is equal because I don’t see color. I want you to see my color. I’m very proud of being Latina and being from the Bronx… These are the experiences that made me who I am today, and saying that you are color blind is ignoring that fact because this is such a huge part of me… You have to embrace it.”

“When Italian Club has programming for Italians, nobody is complaining. There’s nothing wrong with [our name]. People think that because it’s called Fuerza Latina, it’s not inclusive. We could call it Spanish Club if you want? That doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s not exclusive. People want to say [that by creating this club] we’re excluding ourselves from [the rest of campus], but that’s not true. We still participate… Racial Teach-Ins, Chinese New Year, Diversity Day: When have these things been done on this campus?”

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