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Being a vegetarian during Thanksgiving can be super tough.  You may think Thanksgiving will be impossible without eating turkey.  But there are so many other options you can side with!  From personal experience, a vegetarian Thanksgiving was not bad at all: you just need the right food options. 

Here are five foods you can eat during Thanksgiving that still makes it an enjoyable meal:

1. Stuffing

Stuffing is the first amazing option you can have for Thanksgiving.  It is made mainly out of bread, butter, onions, eggs, and spices.  Stuffing sometimes has sausage added to it, but it is still amazing without it.  Baking the stuffing gives it a slightly crunchier taste in comparison to cooking stuffing in the turkey, which tastes so good!

2. Candied Yams

This has to be one of my all time favorites that my dad makes for Thanksgiving.  You bake canned yams and peaches with marshmallows and brown sugar on the top.  This is so creamy and the brown sugar and marshmallows give the yams and peaches a sweeter taste.  Once you have one bite, you will be going back for seconds.

3. Mashed Potatoes

You can never go wrong with mashed potatoes.  You can either have plain potatoes or you can mash sweet potatoes.  They are a great addition to your plate.  You can also add warm gravy to the top of your mashed potatoes to give it more flavor.  

4. Lasagna

This option is perfect for the main portion of your meal.  Pasta layers with red sauce, parmesan, ricotta, and shredded cheese on the top.  If there are meat eaters coming for Thanksgiving, you can make half of the lasagne with sausage, and the other half without sausage.  You can never go wrong with lasagna: you can even eat it for Christmas (but it’s still too early to think about that).

5. Pie

Even though this is a dessert, this is another must-have on Thanksgiving.  You cannot have a Thanksgiving without eating a slice of pumpkin, apple, or cherry pie.  This is the perfect way to end the fall season and prepare yourself for winter!

I hope this guide helps my fellow plant-based babes get through Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to load up on those greens!

Emily Gianni

Manhattan '24

Manhattan College student 2024. Studying special education with a concentration in English.
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