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This past weekend, the weather started to get a little bit cooler, which made me really excited for fall.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a summer girl through and through, but the crisp air and fall smell started to make me smile.  If you are a summer person like me, you may not be excited for fall at all.  But I am here to remind all of us that there are some good things about fall.

During Fall, think about the adorable outfits!  I love to get in leggings, a cute off-the-shoulder zip-up, and more neutral colors.  I love to wear browns and creams.  During fall, I also feel like it’s iconic to pull out boots such as cowboy boots and eventually, when it gets really cold, UGGs.  Since the weather is cooler, you do not have to worry about sweating through your shirts.  Instead, you can now wear any shirt that isn’t a tank top and you don’t have to worry about getting pit stains.

Pumpkin Spice drinks are a go-to starting in September.  The thought of having pumpkin anything is the definition of October and November.  Also, think about the desserts you can have only in fall otherwise it wouldn’t make sense: pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, apple pie, apple crisps, etc.  Pumpkin and apple desserts are just weird to eat in June, so to get in the fall spirit, think about the food you can eat!  Additionally, you cannot forget about hot chocolate.  Although this may be more of a winter beverage, I love to drink it during the fall.  I am only an iced coffee person, so when it is a colder day and I am in need of a drink to warm me up, my go-to order is hot chocolate.

Shopping always prepares me for anything, which is why going to buy fall or Halloween decorations for your room is a must.  Target is one of the best places to go to look at little decorations around the room.  Anything to do with Halloween or pumpkins would be a great addition to make you a little bit happier during the fall season.  Even if you just get a few new throw pillows or a blanket for your room will make you more excited for the upcoming season.

I also love the idea of staying in, relaxing, and having movie nights.  Whether you choose cozy movies that revolve around fall, or even spookier movies to get you in the mood for Halloween, movies are a must when the weather gets colder.  Eating popcorn under a fuzzy blanket is such a vibe.  When watching any fall or Halloween-related movie, I like to light candles to make me feel even cozier and in the moment.  This is also a perfect little date idea for you and your significant other or your best friends!

Remember, fall is not as bad as you think it may be.  You have to think about Halloween and Thanksgiving and how these are two amazing holidays worth celebrating.  Remember the beautiful changing colors of the leaves on trees.  Drink even better beverages and eat amazing food that would be weird to have any other time of year.  This will be the year to enjoy fall and the cold weather!

Emily Gianni

Manhattan '24

Hi I'm Emily! I am in my Senior Year at Manhattan College, graduating in Spring 2024. I am studying Childhood Special Education with an upward extension to middle school with a double major in English. My goal in life is to teach elementary school and later on, teach middle school. Although I don't have a position in my Her Campus chapter, I am still an active writer for Her Campus! I write about all different topics for Her Campus, anything that interests me or that I believe other girls will find useful and informational. I am a team captain on the Manhattan College cheerleading team, so I may write about that sometimes. I also love sorority rush season so I have written about my sorority a few times. I believe that Her Campus is an amazing source for women to put their work out there and influence other girls. I love being a part of this organization and being able to write about whatever I love. This is the best outlet for me to learn more about my writing style, experiment with different topics that I would not be allowed to write about in a class, and grow as a writer.