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How to Celebrate Your Birthday in College

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Manhattan chapter.

by Casey Schellberg

Homesickness is one of the most common things freshman students experience in college, especially around their birthdays. It’s tough not being around your family for your special day, knowing you are missing out on all the birthday traditions. While it might seem like the worst thing ever now, celebrating your birthday away from home can be a lot more fun than you think, and I am going to tell you how to make that happen.

Make plans with your friends or roommates. No one likes spending their birthday alone. Let your roommates and friends know your birthday is coming up and find something fun to do for the day. NYC has so many unique places and bucket list destinations that would be perfect to explore on your special day! 

Treat yourself! Whether it’s going out for dinner, buying yourself a gift, or sharing a cake with friends, make sure to treat yourself. Your birthday should be a guilt-free day, allowing you to finally get that bag you have been wanting or indulge in one of NYC’s famous bakery treats.

Send family members your address for cards/presents. One of my favorite parts about spending my birthday away from home is getting letters and boxes in the mail. It’s the best feeling when you get an email from the mail center the week of your birthday with a surprise package! 

Facetime anyone home on the day of your birthday. While it is different from being in person, calling home can fulfill the loss of being there on your birthday. Your parents and/or siblings can still sing to you and you can open anything they sent you in front of them over the phone. It’s a simple way to bring some comfort into your day that is so different from what you are used to. 

While missing out on the birthday traditions and being with your family may seem like one of the worst parts of being at college, there is so much you can still do to celebrate away from home. Plus, you might even create your own traditions with your friends and roommates!

Casey Schellberg

Manhattan '23

Casey is a senior at Manhattan College majoring in Childhood Education with concentrations in math and psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, shopping, and exploring NYC. Casey is also a part of Manhattan’s cheerleading team and serves as an RA on campus. She is loving her home as a Jasper at MC and cannot wait to see what the upcoming years bring!