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The famous Mercury in retrograde just ended, and it might’ve thrown you for a loop. In astrology, Mercury is associated with communication. When in retrograde, it often causes breakdowns in communication and relationships. And, unfortunately, it’s not really over. Let’s take a look at the major astrological events are happening soon.

First of all, Mercury being in retrograde isn’t really over. The retrograde period is a time when a planet appears to be moving backwards in space. During this time, the astrological effects associated with the planet can be felt in an extreme. This is why Mercury, which rules communication, leaves us feeling foggy especially in terms of our relationships.

There is an additional two-week period before and after each retrograde when the planet has to “speed up” or “slow down,” called the shadow period. During this time, some effects of retrograde are still felt. Mercury’s shadow period will last until November 2, so stay on top of your relationships.

Neptune, on the other hand, has been in retrograde for a while. It entered on June 25 and will end on December 1. Although it sounds scary to have the effects of two planets at once, it’s actually incredibly common. There is almost always at least one planet in retrograde at all times, and Mercury goes into retrograde three times a year. Neptune is associated with spirituality. In retrograde, Neptune weeds out the fakeness in our lives. It makes everything more truthful and forces us to confront things that need to be changed. If something feels off in your life right now, that’s probably because it is.

Uranus entered retrograde on August 19, and will not end until January 18, 2022. Uranus rules technology and innovation. A generally positive retrograde, Uranus can bring small or large scale changes in innovation.

All of this occurs during Scorpio season. Scorpio season lasts from October 23 to November 21 each year. Scorpio season means that the traits associated with the sign can be felt by everyone, and it’s intense. Scorpios are a fixed water sign. To be a fixed sign means that one is a creature of habit.

Water signs, on the other hand, tend to be close to their emotions. As both, Scorpios are known for their hard-headedness, secrecy, and sensuality. Taking place around Halloween, this energy can be channeled into celebrations. We have an incredibly powerful Scorpio season coming up, so it’s important to find a healthy outlet for this energy. As multiple planets are in retrograde, it also helps to validate the feelings that come with it. Whether you believe in astrology or not, moods fluctuate, and it helps to embrace them.

Staying up-to-date with astrology offers explanations for many events in the world. So, whatever feelings Scorpio season may bring you, the best thing to do is accept them and know that there are others who feel the same way.

Chloe Barth

Manhattan '24

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