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How to Survive Halloweekend

If the smell of pumpkin spice and rubber celebrity masks has told us one thing, it’s that the most frightening time of year is here- I’m not talking about Halloween. I’m talking about the 3 day long event that is Halloweekend.

Leave it to us college students to turn an otherwise innocent costume oriented evening into a binge drinking fest. Below are some tips for making the best of and surviving halloweekend this year.



1) Come up with an innovative costume idea.




2) Make that 3 great costume ideas….


4) Embrace your inner makeup artist.




5) Get in the spirit with the phenomenon that is pumpkin spice.




6) In fact, embrace pumpkin everything.







7) Throw a party that’s a graveyard smash.




8) Don’t be shocked by anything you see.


9) Always say yes to candy.



10) Most importantly, remember that Halloween only comes 1 (or 3) times a year!1



So make the best of it!






Rachel is a lover of the oxford comma, rainy days, and anything breakfast related.
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