How My First Semester At MC Turned Out

If you asked me a year ago today where I’d be now, I probably wouldn’t say Manhattan College. But I’m happy to say that I’m here now. 

It’s hard to believe how fast my first semester here went by, considering I transferred into Manhattan halfway through the school year and a year ago I’d never thought I’d leave my old school. I thought this semester would not be too great because transferring to a new school is such an adjustment. But honestly, my transfer couldn’t have gone better. 


My first week at Manhattan was a little rough at first because I was trying to get used to this new environment. I was lucky enough to have amazing roommates that I clicked with immediately, which made the transition so much easier. I was also eager to start joining clubs at Manhattan, which I soon did, and met even more people whom I consider to be close friends with now. Within no time I found myself acclimated to the Jasper life, mostly because of the welcoming community of the campus. 


I’m still getting used to things around here, such as navigating the social life considering we aren’t really a “party school” (as my old school was). But I’m more than happy to say I go to a school that’s “for me” and is where I’m meant to belong, even if I’m still learning about the dynamic of the school. 

As a new student here, I’d say my first semester here was a success. Although I can’t wait for summer to begin and to be at home for four months, in the fall I’ll be happy to return to the place where I’m meant to be. 


So good luck to all you incoming freshman or transfer students! Your first semester experience at Manhattan may be totally different than mine, or it may not be. Yet whatever experience you’re having, try to make the most of it. Remember that things happen for a reason–– you chose to attend Manhattan for a reason, so see to it. My best piece of advice for your first semester is to join as many clubs as possible, because it will help you meet new people and will make the transition to a new place so much easier! Of course, being in a new environment can be scary, and it can be difficult to adjust to, but don’t lose hope in that fact that you’re first semester can be amazing! Even if it’s not amazing, give it some time and you’ll be surprised where you end up.