How to Get Organized this Semester

This semester is going by so fast. Most of us at this point in the semester like to reflect on our grades and see what we can improve on. You may need to go to your math professor's office hours, reach out to your writing fellow or maybe you need to get organized. For many this semester has been very tough and getting organized can seem challenging. I have always been a very organized person so I figured with advising season approaching it would seem appropriate to share some of my tips. It seems as though many of us will be having remote classes for the spring semester as well. It is the perfect time to refocus and get on top of your work. Here are some tips that I would recommend for anyone trying to get organized!

Buy a Detailed Planner

Growing up, I always hated the free planners that I got from my grammar school. I found them flashy and not cohesive. In high school, I started buying different brands of planners because I wanted to try something new. I tried so many different planners and finally in my senior year I came across Blue Sky Academic Planners. The planner is set up in a weekly and monthly format. It has a flexible plastic cover so you don't have to worry about it ripping. I bought mine for ten dollars on amazon. It is so important to have a planner where you can plan for both school and life. Some key benefits of using a planner are healthy time management, improved productivity, and it can help you to not miss due dates. I seriously could not imagine my life without my planner!

Color Code 

I have been color-coding my books for years and it is super helpful! At the beginning of each semester, I pick a color for each of the classes I am taking. For example, this semester my biology class color is green. So my biology notebook and folder are both green. It is such an easy way to easily identify your books for different classes without having to write on the front cover. 

Download Google Tasks

I love making to-do lists to help make sure I get all of my daily tasks done. I am a commuter and remote student who lives at home so I have chores. I can add my chores to my to-do lists along with my classes for school. I have a different task page for each day of the week. Once I complete a task I hit the button and it crosses the task off the list. I can see my completed tasks and tasks I still need to complete for each day. It is such a free and handy way to stay organized. I also have a task page dedicated to homework. I like to have my assignments in both my planner and Google tasks to ensure I do not miss anything. I hate missing due dates!

Create a Productive Workspace

I never realized how beneficial it was to have a solid workspace until Manhattan turned to remote when the pandemic started. I organized my workspace in the corner of my bedroom but facing outwards to the rest of my room. I did not want to be staring at my wall all day long. I have a desk from the container store, a desk chair from staples, and a rolling cart from the container store to keep my books organized. I also ordered photos from Etsy to make a collage wall. I have attached links to everything I mentioned in case you want to take a look! A good workspace will give you the ability to separate home from school and be productive. It is said that a productive workspace will lead to less stress and more focus on your work. 

4 Quick Tips to Complete Daily to Help you Stay Organized 

  1. Make your bed every morning when you wake up. 

  2. Spend five minutes before you start your day to tidy up your room. 

  3. Set an alarm five minutes before your class is scheduled to start. 

  4. Check your moodle every night before bed to make sure you're not missing any assignments. 

I hope your midterm week went well and that your grades reflect your hard work. After reflecting on your progress try and get organized by following these tips! Have a great week!