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How to Dress the Part for Your Summer Internship

Adjusting to the office dress code takes a learning curve. With the summer coming up, it can be especially hard to balance your own personal style with traditionally conservative offices. But there are ways to merge the two worlds. If you’re interested in keeping up with fast fashion, look no further for some inspiration on how to bring summer 2021 trends to your internship.

Matching suit sets

Matching sets are making a huge comeback. Whether monochromatic or bold patterns, finding a set that is office-appropriate is a quick way to make a bold statement.

Large bags

Accessories are critical, and large bags have made their way into runway shows. Use a large handbag in place of the typical briefcase to cater the accessory to your own style.

Puffy sleeves

This trend’s coming in strong! Puffy sleeves look incredible on blouses, which are essential in an office wardrobe.

Sheer skirts

Sheer in general is trending, and sheer skirts are extremely versatile. Whether mini, midi, or maxi skirts, pairing sheer material on top of a solid layer is an easy way to spice up basic office attire. 


We can’t forget the most important accessory, face masks. We are making incredible progress in vaccinating the country, but until the CDC officially declares masks unnecessary, we should stick this one out. Wear a simple black mask to your office for a mask that’ll go with all of your outfits.

Fast fashion is hard, and expensive, to keep up with. If you have your own office wardrobe that you’d like to take into summer 2021, by all means go for it. But if you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration specific to this season, I hope that one of these pieces spoke to you!


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