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Ladies and Gents, she’s done it again. Olivia Rodrigo’s new album, ‘GUTS,’ is unhinged in the best ways possible. This album is the perfect combination of vulnerability and boldness. Unlike her debut album, ‘Sour,’ Rodrigo leans towards more rock and electronic sounds. Her writing is still impeccable and transcends its listeners into a world of unapologetic chaos, or in other words, girlhood. In this article, I will rank ‘GUTS’ from least favorite to outstanding (1-12) and describe my favorite parts of each song. I hope you’re ready for a whirlwind of emotions because nothing gets you more in your feels than an Olivia Rodrigo album. 

1) ‘get him back!’ 

This song is all about the complexity that comes with a breakup. One side of you wants to get back together, but the other still fumes from how they treated you. The lyrics going from sweet and innocent to borderline criminal every other line furthers the shamelessness of the album. Although it’s not my favorite, this song WILL be on my getting-ready playlist this year. 

2) ‘love is embarrassing’ 

The lyrics of this song fully encapsulate the embarrassing aspects of love and how, once it fades, you can feel ashamed of what you let slide. I love how Rodrigo uses her voice in the bridge to emphasize the lyrics and to bring an electric feel. This song is definitely for the girlies with terrible exes who aren’t just ugly on the outside but on the inside, too. 

3) ‘Teenage Dream’

The only word that came to my mind after hearing this song for the first time was oof. Rodrigo beautifully illustrates her struggle with high expectations. Specifically, coming back to writing after her massive success with ‘Sour’ and attempting to top it. I’m absolutely obsessed with the Mellon Collie tone from the bridge. Her voice almost has a sense of burnout and hopelessness, making it hit much harder. 

4) ‘Pretty isn’t pretty’  

This song scratches a part of my brain through the sound, and the lyrics crush my heart simultaneously. Throughout the song, Rodrigo reveals her continued fight with beauty standards and how unachievable they are. Although the meaning feels exhausting, there’s still a realization that beauty standards are ever-changing and can never indeed be obtained. My biggest hope is for young girls to listen to this song and understand the message before it’s too late. 

5) ‘lacy’ 

Similar to jealousy, jealousy this song is about putting people on a pedestal and obsessing over them. Especially how your brain can hyper-fixate on someone’s beauty or talent and automatically compare it to yours. Personally, this song hurts in so many ways for me. It reminds me of all the times I felt inferior compared to others. Even though it’s internal, it still feels unruly. 

6) ‘bad idea right?’

If I could only use 2 words to describe this song, it would be fun but delusional. Everyone has lied to themselves to feed into their desires, myself included. This piece is fun, light, and a great hype song to listen to when feeling down. 

7) ‘Ballad of a homeschooled girl’ 

This song perfectly expresses the treacherousness of having an awkward phase and not knowing how to socialize. This piece brings me back to my freshman year of high school and making all of the social mistakes in the book. I’m definitely listening to this one after an embarrassing social gathering. 

8) ‘all-american bitch’ 

This is girlhood; nothing says I am a girl in the 21st century like this one. I can not stress my love for Rodrigo’s vocals in this song enough because she really popped off. The verses being light and the chorus being loud emphasize the crazy and chaoticness of the female experience. This song is worthy of its high rating, and I’m officially obsessed. 

9) ‘Vampire’

Olivia, oh Oliva, you always succeed in picking the best singles for your albums. I love the concept of this song and comparing a toxic relationship to a vampire draining its victim of blood. Being helplessly naive is a struggle I am not a stranger to, and this song makes me feel a little less alone.  

10) ‘Grudge’ 

So, how are the daddy-issue girlies after this one? Because I am not okay. The dynamic Rodrigo portrayed within the lyrics between her and her ex is perfectly constructed. The second verse alone was better than the rest of the song combined. With every line, the lyrics kept hitting harder and harder. Olivia, you really outdid yourself with this one. 

11) ‘making the bed’ 

I wasn’t going to rank this song so high. But after multiple listens, I can confirm this rating is justified. This is the first piece I’ve heard about this topic, making it stand out. We all get caught playing the victim of our own life, but WE are the ones in control of it. This song is a reminder to realize the power you have in your life. You choose who you surround yourself with, your habits, and your lifestyle. Nothing is stopping you from changing it. 

12) ‘logical’ 

This song absolutely destroys me every time I listen to it. This piece is about still keeping hope for a clearly toxic relationship. Even when everything is a wreck, you still try to make the connection last. This song reminds me of how willing I’ve been to ruin myself for people who wouldn’t care if I did. Love isn’t logical, and that has to be the hardest life lesson I’ve endured. 

‘GUTS’ is everything I wanted in an album and more. At this point, it is more than reasonable to declare Olivia Rodrigo as Gen Z’s it girl, especially regarding music. Rodrigo has comforted, screamed with, and touched the hearts of millions. I am so grateful to live in the same generation as this brilliant woman. Olivia Rodrigo is truly a legend in the making.  

Ashley Karlosky

Manhattan '27

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