Going To Formal Without A Date

In colleges across the country and around the world, the end of the semester often means it’s officially formal season. Greek life, sports, and other clubs are always hosting events at awesome venues as an opportunity to dress up, have good food and drinks, and have a fun night with you classmates. Often though, you might be feeling pressure to have a date. This is also true with high school dances, like homecoming and prom. Even though having a date can be fun and exciting, you don’t need to have a date.

Even though it’s 2019 and not 1952, there’s  sometimes still a layer of social stigma that can cross people’s minds when thinking about going to a formal event or dance without a date. However, times have really changed from when your grandparents, and even your parents, were going to events like this. It’s perfectly ok to go somewhere without a date, and just go with your friends while remaining independent. Plus, if you go with just your friends, it usually ends up being so much fun. =

You won’t have to worry about impressing anyone, and you can dance the night away and sing your heart out to your favorite songs, making for a really fun night of memories with your girlfriends. I have been to dances and formals both with and without dates, and I can truly and honestly say that the best ones were the ones where I just went with friends! Oh, I almost forgot- it’s also way cheaper!!

So if you’re on the fence about going to a dance or formal without a date, do it!!! You won’t regret it and you only live once!!!