Girls Want To Be With Him, Guys Want To Be him, Meet Angelo LoRusso!

He's an RA in OV and chances are you will always see him with two other dudes. He's everyone's favorite guy! I'm proud to introduce Angelo LoRusso.

Name: Angelo LoRusso

Year: Senior

Major: Civil Engineering

Relationship Status: Single


Why did you choose Manhattan College?: "It was close to home and it had Civil Engineering and a good reputation."

Do you see yourself as more of a chocolate chip cookie, or oatmeal raisin?: "Oatmeal Raisin, one hundred percent."

What do you look for in a girl?: "Someone who's funny and can make me laugh. Someone I can spend time with and just have a beer."

What would be your perfect date?: "A dinner on Arthur Ave!"

What motto do you live your life by?: "Time spent wishing is time wasted,"

What do you like to do in your free time?: "I like to play FIFA, play soccer and hang with friends".

Do you like it when girls make the first move or the other way around?: "I mean, ideally, the girl would make the first move, but I know I probably should..."

What is your favorite Tinder pick-up line?: "So I have two. Both are really terrible.The first is: "I know we aren't in Professor Flitwicks' class, but I can still be charming." That's a Harry Potter reference.The other one is: "We keep looking at each other, waiting for eachother to make the first move and no one does." -Channing Tatum. I don't want that to be us, so hi. My name's Angelo.""

Where was your first kiss?: "Junior prom!"

What's a fun fact about yourself?: "I'm bad at on the spot questions. The kid I lived with freshman year ended up being my best friend!"

What was your most embarassing moment?: "My 20th Birthday I tripped on a curb and chipped my tooth. I couldn't get it fixed for a week so I just walked around campus with a chipped tooth".