Exploring the World of Hook-Up's in College

Relationships in college often seem like a big deal. We often get pressures from our families or people older than us when we visit home asking if we have a boyfriend. Or many of us came into college with our boyfriends from high school and are sick of hearing about how these relationships will only last until Thanksgiving. I was one of those girls, and felt that I needed a relationship to be happy. I say, it’s ok not to have a boyfriend and explore your options. Here’s why:


1. You meet so many new people!

Whether you go to a large university, or a school in the city, there are endless amounts of people there. You’re bound to find at least one, or more people that you clique with.

2. You get to try multiple different “flavors”

I’m not talking about ice cream (well, I kinda am), but I mean you get to try all different personalities. You can date someone completely unexpected, or someone totally different from you. You may find you like the guy, or not at all. College is all about trying new things and being experimental, especially when it comes to guys!

3. It’s 2019 and we as women can be as sexually promiscuous as we want

Ladies, it’s 2019 and we can make any choices that we want. We have the freedom to explore our sexuality and be proud of it. We earned this right and we should flaunt it!

4. It’ll make for some funny stories and memories

Whether good or bad, you’ll have some experiences and memories. You’ll be able to share these stories with your friends, and get some laughs. It’ll make for some great bonding time with your girls over drinks!